The Amnios Center

Rehabilitation and social inclusion programs through innovative verbal and non-verbal approaches


The Amnios Center

Sementera Amnios is an association founded in 2018 that offers people with mental suffering a rehabilitation and social inclusion program through innovative non-verbal and verbal approaches

Therapeutic interventions

Experience Amniotic Therapy as a group intervention involving body and psyche in 35° C water.


Discover the results of scientific research on amniotic therapy in improving social relationships and work skills.


Receive, individually or in a team, a professional training course on the methodologies used at the Amnios Center.


The Sementera Amnios team

The Amnios Center is a work team specialized in the development of creative and therapeutic, verbal and non-verbal activities, with therapeutic and psychotherapeutic art methods focused on sensory integration, in favour of people with mental suffering.


What can you do

“What we do is just a drop in the ocean, but the ocean without that drop would be smaller”

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