Sementera Onlus is a non-profit association founded in 1995. The aim of the association is to develop and offer innovative therapies able to help people diagnosed with psychosis and schizophrenia, who present experiences of intense psychic suffering such as the feeling of not existing, withdrawal into social isolation, the alteration of the relationship with reality.
In 20 years of activity dozens and dozens of chronically suffering, marginalized and isolated patients in the psychosis, poor both in an economic and relational sense, have returned to feel alive by recovering one shared vision of the social reality in which they are integrated.

In 2018, starting from this reality of care, the Amnios Center was founded. Its constitution has been made possible thanks to a support and accompaniment project financed by the Charlemagne Foundation.
The Amnios Center employs a team specialized in the development of creative and therapeutic, verbal and non-verbal activities, with methodical therapeutic and psychotherapeutic art focused on sensory integration in favor of people with psychic discomfort.

The therapeutic activities of the Center are united by the attempt to establish deep interhuman communications with patients: communications that help to perceive with dignity one’s own existence, that enable to feel alive again, that offer the opportunity to recover a shared vision of social reality in which to feel integrated.

The therapeutic methods that we have developed in Sementera, now used in various European centers, have been presented in hundreds of international scientific publications and in plenary readings of the most representative international conferences in the field of psychological and social therapies of psychosis.

The scientific assessments of the effectiveness of the innovative methods used in Sementera are entrusted to research centers of excellence including the direct team of neuroscientists from the University of Parma by Prof. V.Gallese (known for the scientific discovery of mirror neurons) and the team of psychologists experts in the evaluation of therapeutic processes directed by Prof. C. Mazzeschi of the Department of Social and Human Sciences of the University of Perugia.