Progressive mirror drawing

Progressive Mirror Drawing is a method developed by Maurizio Peciccia and Gaetano Benedetti for the treatment of patients with psychotic suffering. It’s an artistic language trough which therapeut and patient communicate when it’s impossible to use verbal language.

Progressive Mirror Drawing consists in a first step in which patient and therapeut draw at the same time a spontaneus design on two different sheets of paper; there will follow a second step in which, always contemporaneously, the patient copies and converts the drawing of the therapeut, while the therapeut copies and converts patient’s drawing. The therapeut identifying himself with the patient reflects and converts his drawings, adding positive potentials, progressive elements which the patient cannot catch himself. The patient replies to the therapist’s drawings by accepting or refusing his mirror drawings. THe exchange of drawings within the therapy permits the co-creation of stories in images made partly by the therapist and partly by the patient.